One holster for multiple pistol types


Law enforcement agencies and the military would see operational and budgetary benefits by considering a proven and innovative pistol holster that accommodates an array of different pistol types.

The SECURE 3 from Pretoria-based Rescomp Handgun Technologies (RHT) is a modular design holster that not only accommodates numerous pistol types, but meets a range of military and police requirements. It is also sought after by commercial security companies as well as the sporting and action-shooting fraternities.
“Ours is arguably the only holster of this type with the features you’re getting in the SECURE 3,” explained RHT chief executive Franco Resca. “While this ambidextrous holster has a bevelled inlet and built-in sight track for easy holstering, the weapon cannot be withdrawn while in the locked position, without releasing the auto-locking device. Importantly, the pistol can be loaded in the holster.”

A key safety benefit is the auto-locking feature, which allows the pistol to be withdrawn by means of its thumb-release. Holsters with index finger release systems are banned by various military and law enforcement units for safety reasons.

The SECURE 3 was designed to fit Beretta pistols, most Glock models including MOS variants, CZ models, all 1911- and 2011-type pistols and several others are currently being added.
“From a cost-effective acquisition and inventory perspective, not to mention the safety consideration, a multi-use, modular and long-lasting holster is the way to go,” said Resca. “The SECURE 3 is fully adjustable for cant (forward or backward tilt) and we offer optional belt-hanger systems to suit height preferences of individual users.”

The holsters are available in various military and law enforcement colours. Unit badges can be moulded on if required. RHT also manufactures a complementary magazine pouch series that are ambidextrous and accommodate a wide range of pistol magazines with different belt widths.

Injection-moulded from glass-reinforced nylon, the SECURE 3 is robust, rugged, durable and strong, hence RHT offering a minimum two-year warranty on workmanship and materials.
“We avoid the use of Kydex, a material that changes shape when exposed to heat, like when the holster lies in the sun, which could deform it – with potentially negative consequences. All parts in our SECURE 3 are rust-free,” Resca concluded.

Rescomp Handgun Technologies (RHT) was established in 1991 and has grown into an internationally renowned company, exporting its own patented products. It is also the sole importer of leading brands into the southern African region, including oil-free M4 rifles, handcuffs and restraint systems, tactical gloves and protective gear, training timers, sight-mounts and recoil reducers, military and Mil-Spec eyewear and magazine loaders.

Its MLE division is a one-stop supplier of leading edge weapons and tactical accessories for military and law enforcement agencies worldwide.