Japanese Ground Self-Defence Force team to train Ugandan military engineers


22 members of the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF) Trainers Team will soon be deployed to Uganda.


According to the JGSDF Facebook page, the team of 22 will conduct heavy engineering equipment (HEE) operator training in the framework of the United Nations Triangular Partnership Project for the Rapid Deployment of Enabling Capabilities (RDEC) in Uganda.


The purpose of the project is to enable engineering personnel to operate HEE and improve their capability to rapidly deploy for peacekeeping missions, in response to a critical need for rapidly deployable peacekeeping troops.


The 22 JGSDF personnel will conduct three months training for engineering personnel from the Uganda People’s Defence Force from 26 August in Uganda for the first time. The training will be held at the Uganda Rapid Deployment Capability Centre and will focus on operation of five kinds of heavy engineering equipment being bulldozers, road rollers, front-end loaders, hydraulic excavators and motor graders.


Japan has also been providing HEE training to Kenya, with trainees over the last several months being trained to operate dozers, bucket loaders and road rollers. In July, Atul Khare, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Operational Support, visited Nairobi, Kenya to observe the Japanese team with the UN Triangular Partnership Project for the Rapid Deployment of Enabling Capabilities.


“I express my sincere appreciation to Japan’s cooperation. Thanks to Japan’s support, rapid deployment of the enablers for peacekeeping operations have been succeeding since 2015. JGSDF Trainers develop ingenious lesson plans for all trainees to learn required skill of operation of heavy engineer equipment. I would like to say my gratitude for all trainers of their efforts not only in technical training but also to deepen friendship between trainers and trainees.”