Gambia buys new cargo scanner


The Gambian government has ordered Romanian company MBT’s Roboscan 1MC cargo scanning system.

MBT at the second annual Africa Security and Counter-Terrorism Summit in London yesterday said its Roboscan 1MC truck and container scanner is being delivered to Gambia for scanning cargo at the country’s port.

MBT said the truck-mounted system can scan 200 long vehicles an hour for things like guns, radioactive material and other contraband hidden in large volumes of cargo. The entire system can be transported in a standard ISO 40 foot shipping container. It uses gamma radiation to detect illicit materials.

A number of other companies also make aircraft scanners, including US company AS&E, which also gave a presentation at the London security conference. Its devices use back scatter X rays which it says can reveal more than conventional X-rays.

Both companies say their systems are able to differentiate between types of substances and items, allowing quick detection by customs agencies.