French military upgrades air transit hub in Senegal


French Air Force engineers have finished work on several upgrades at Senegal’s Blaise Diagne International Airport, which will become the main transit facility for French forces in the region.

The French Ministry of Defence on 9 August said sappers from the 25th Air Engineer Regiment completed an apron and taxiway after work between 8 March and 6 August this year. During this time, the engineers used 8 000 cubic metres of concrete, with 6 000 tons of material used to cover a distance of more than 4 000 metres.

The French Air Support Operations Group will now begin constructing the facility’s buildings so it can handle military aircraft stopping over in Dakar.

The French defence ministry is transferring its air transit facility hub from Senghor International Airport in Dakar after Blaise Diagne was opened outside the capital in December 2017.

France has some 4 000 soldiers stationed around the Sahel region to combat terrorism and other threats.