Fact file: SANDF projects

Below follows a list of known SANDF projects, presented alphabetically per Service/Division.

The information below was compiled from Department of Defence and Armscor Annual Reports as well as from written answers to questions asked in Parliament and selected media reports.  

SA Army Projects
Overarching programme to position the SA Army for the future in terms of strategy, doctrine, vision, mission and equipment acquisition.
Acquisition of long-range 60mm mortar system. 102 systems ordered mid-2006 for R101 million as part of Project Acrobat, delivery expected from 2009 to 2010
Upgrade of ZT2 anti-armour missile to ZT3 Ingwe baseline standard for the SA armoured Corps. Thirteen new launchers and 80 missiles delivered since Q3 2006. Foreseen commissioning: 2008.
Ambition 1B
Acquisition of the Gecko rapid deployment logistical vehicles for parachute and Special Forces. 112 delivered. Commissioned from June 2006. “Partial acquisition only”.
Planned acquisition of a new main battle tank to replace the Olifant. Leopard 2 considered likely choice.
Arum lily
Upgrade of 80 Rooikat armoured cars. Foreseen commissioning 2008.
Upgrade of the Olifant MK 1B main battle tank to MK2 status. Commissioning from late 2007
Acquisition of a new generation semi-static communications infrastructure for operation by 2 Signal Regiment. 
Development of local warning radar system and battery command post for air defence. Four Thutlhwa (Kameelperd, Giraffe) ordered 1996 and delivered 2006. Requirement stands for a troop command post.
Partial acquisition of new-generation water purification and provisioning system using a shortened acquisition process. Foreseen date for production: 2008. 
Acquisition of a new generation tactical electronic capability for 5 Signal Regiment[1].
R110 million budgeted.
Partial acquisition of a new-generation maintenance, repair and recovery system. Foreseen commissioning 2013.
Development and partial acquisition of a battlefield surveillance and mobile intelligence processing system consisting of a battlefield surveillance radar, thermal imager and UAV. Foreseen commissioning: 2009.
Upgrade of 167 Casspir APC. Project was to be completed by March 2007. 
Guardian (GBADS 1)
Local warning segment of the Ground-Based Air Defence System (GBADS). Two Thales PAGE warning radars, eight Lightweight Multiple Launchers for the Starstreak very short-range air defence missile 
Partial acquisition of a new generation infantry fighting vehicle. 264 Patria Advanced Modular Vehicles on order at a cost of R8.4 billion. Deliveries from 2010.
New generation (insensitive) explosives.
Upgrade of 220 Mamba APC. Commissioning.
Upgrade of 100 M40A1 106mm RCL, ammunition resupply.
Upgrade of 30 Milan launchers to Milan ADT-ER status and acquisition of 300 missiles for R167.4 million. Delivery underway. Up to 100 more launchers can be upgraded.
Acquisition of an artillery target engagement system. First regimental set delivered 2007, second 2008. System includes an African Defence Systems fire control subsystem and an ATE Vulture unmanned aerial system.
Acquisition of the first phase of a tactical command, control, communications and information computer (C4I) system for the brigade-and-below. A R30m+ contract awarded to Saab Systems SA in 2008.
Development and partial acquisition of an advanced multi-role light artillery gun capability in the form of the 105mm “Light Experimental Ordnance. Foreseen commissioning: 2012.
An artillery ammunition and charge system upgrade for the G5 and G6 155mm medium gun systems. Foreseen commissioning: 2008
Outcome (GBADS III)
Planned acquisition of the Umkhonto all weather surface-to-air-misile (AWSAM). No dates as yet.  
Acquisition of engineer earthmoving/construction equipment. Foreseen commissioning: 2009
Upgrade of the SS77 general purpose machine gun. Commissioning
Partial acquisition of a new generation hand-held mine detector. Foreseen commissioning: 2008.
Prickley (sic) pear
Acquisition of a data base geographical information system for the SANDF.
Protector (GBADS II)
Development and partial acquisition of a mobile ground-based air defence system. Possible R3bn[2] budget for land-based Umkhonto IR missile. Foreseen commissioning: 2010.
Acquisition of a heavy/extra heavy recovery vehicle. Commissioning. Completion scheduled for March 2008.
A new generation tactical communications system for operation by 1 Signal Regiment.
Development and partial acquisition of mobile camping system. No funds available at May 2007.
Development and partial acquisition of mass field feeding system (field kitchen). Foreseen commissioning: 2008.
“Zone 1” anti-tank. New generation portable infantry A/T rocket launcher to replace RPG7 and FT5.
Partial acquisition of new-generation gyroscopic systems for the artillery. Foreseen commencement of commissioning: 2008. Not SCAMP funded.
Partial acquisition of minefield breaching system to replace Plofadder. In study phase 2005-7.
Acquisition of 3000 logistics trucks to replace the SAMIL series. MAN, Mercedes Benz short-listed. Award delayed by allegations of corruption and interference in the tender process. 
Partial acquisition of infantry 40mm Y3 automatic grenade launcher. Commissioning.
Partial acquisition of field fire fighting system. Project not funded beyond study phase (in 2005).
Dismounted soldier system. Acquisition study for low risk items completed 2006. Development plan for complex sub-systems underway.
Study of deeper level logistics: Transport by truck, train and ship. Project not funded beyond study phase.
Not registered as a project by Sep 2008  
Acquisition of a new light armour system for the Armoured Corps to replace the Eland-series armoured car. Required Operational Capability Study completed.    
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SA Air Force Projects
Acquisition of a self-protection system for the Oryx. Project complete, June 2007.
Development of a short-range air-to-air missile for the SAAF fighter stream. Being developed as a joint venture with Brazil by Denel Dynamics. Each country is said to have allocated R500 million to the missile development phase. It is not clear how much SA has spent additionally on the project between conceptualisation and 2006 when the JV was announced.   
Upgrade and replacement of airport fire tenders. Phase 1 to upgrade existing fire tenders was completed in 2006. Phase 2 for the acquisition of further fire tenders is in progress with a completion date for 2010.
Acquisition of between 8-14 Airbus A400M Loadmaster future medium transports. Delivery was due from late 2010, but project now substantially delayed as a result of development problems.
Acquisition of a stand-off radar jammer for the Denel Oryx medium helicopter. Project completed, June 2007.
Aircrew training simulator. Final acceptance of the system at 80 Air Navigation School. Operational Test and Evaluation scheduled to end late August 2008.
Midlife upgrade for the remaining Denel Oryx medium helicopters that came into service in 1989. About 38 out of 51 still fly.
C130 midlife upgrade. Scheduled completed March 2008
Design, development and production of Denel CSH2A Rooivalk combat support helicopter and Mokopa heavy antitank guided missile. Development to be completed by 2009 after starting in 1984; R8.1bn spent on programme to 2007. Mokopa: R70m set aside to acquire missiles. R120m spent on development to FY2007, R4.6m to be spent in FY2007/8 and Denel to spend a further R98.25m.[4]
Acquisition of 30 Agusta A109 light utility helicopters for R2.39 billion (2007 Treasury figure).
Acquisition of a day/night tactical intelligence (reconnaissance) system for the Cessna C208 light transport inclusive of a datalink. Acquisition of three sets of mission equipment and the modification of 11 aircraft have been contracted. Operational test and evaluation scheduled 2008. Release to service planned for late 2008.
Acquisition of four maritime helicopters for Navy Project Sitron (the frigate acquisition). Four Agusta-Westland 300 SuperLynx delivered July 2007.   
Replacement of a radio-switching network.
“A technology project for defining, testing and evaluating Joint Air Defence Command and Control (C2) systems concepts and related systems architectures”.
Acquisition of an advanced lightweight fighter aircraft. Twenty-six Saab JAS39 Gripen C/D to be delivered by 2012 at a cost of R20 billion (2007 Treasury figure).
Acquisition of a lead-in fighter trainer. Twenty four BAE Systems Mk120 Hawk delivered by 2008 at a cost of R7.2 billion (2007 Treasury figure).
Not registered as a project in 2007[6]
Acquisition of a future medium altitude long endurance (MALE) UAV. Still under consideration by SAAF not yet registered as a Required Operational Capability.
Not registered as a project in 2007
Acquisition of a future maritime patrol aircraft. Still under consideration by SAAF not yet registered as a Required Operational Capability.
Not known
Leasing of three Saab Erieye multirole airborne surveillance systems housed on Embraer platforms. Said to be a work in progress with system to be in place by June 2010, kick-off for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.
Not known
Acquisition of the Diehl BGT IRIS-T short-range infrared air-to-air missile for the Gripen advanced lightweight fighter aircraft.  
Not known
Avionics upgrade for the Pilatus PC7 MkII (M) ab initio trainer. Thirty-five aircraft to be upgraded at a budgeted cost of R400 million.
Not known
Acquisition of a low-cost, side-by-side, basic trainer. Twelve aircraft @R2-3m each, R24-36m for the fleet[7]. 
Not known
“Pavement management system” (runway upgrades, six sub-projects).
SA Navy Projects
Planned acquisition and local construction of six to 12 multi-mission offshore patrol vessels (MMOPV) Ballpark cost R300 million each. The vessels will replace the current Warrior-class OPV, the River-class minehunter and City-class minesweeper. To run in conjunction with Project Hotel. Award scheduled for 2009.       
Half life upgrade for combat support ship SAS Drakensberg.
Acquisition of a new generation maritime survey ship to replace the Hecla-class SAS Protea. To run in conjunction with Project Biro. Award scheduled for 2009. Ship to have a secondary OPV role and equipment fit.        
Acquisition of an “offboard” mine counter-measure system (autonomous underwater vehicle) for use by surface fleet. Scheduled for completion: 2010.
Acquisition of a “strategic support ship”. One or more 200m LPD/LPH vessels contemplated. Likely acquisition cost based on a similar French design €340 million per ship.
Acquisition of four Meko A200SAN small guided missile frigates. Delivered and in service.
Acquisition of an underwater signature measurement system. Phase 1 (the signal measurement system) scheduled for delivery December 2007. Phase 2 (magnetic treatment centre) scheduled for completion December 2009.
Design and development of an indigenous frigate combat suite. Cancelled in favour of Thales Tavitac for Project Sitron. Subject to subsequent litigation and controversy.
Acquisition of a new generation submarine. Three ThyssenKrupp Type 209 1400 boats delivered and in service.
Acquisition of a C3I system and 15 10.5m inshore patrol vessels for the Operational Boat Squadron.
SA Military Health Service Projects
Establishment of an aeromedical and specialist training facility. Likely cost R400 million.
Not budgeted for in 2007.
Mutchkin (sic) 
Development and partial acquisition of a basic chemical and biological (CB) self-protection capability consisting of CB detection, protection and equipment de-contamination. Partial acquisition is planned to commence by December 2008 and first deliveries by September 2009. Six urban defence systems, three conventional systems. R422m required but only R198m on budget for next 13 years.
Command Management and Information Systems Division Projects
Redesign of the division`s structure.
Joint Operations Division Projects
“A high-level overview of the characteristics of the current and possible future African operational environment and of some of the military implications thereof”.
Special Forces Projects
Ambition 1A
Acquisition of the Hornet rapid deployment reconnaissance vehicle for the Special Forces. All 25 delivered by BAE Systems Land Systems OMC by August 2006. Commissioned. .
Long-range high-speed boats for the Special Forces. Delivered.

[1] Written reply to question 1046 in the National Assembly, June 26, 2007. 

[2] Helmoed-Römer Heitman quoted in The Star, October 13, 2007. Graeme Hosken, Michael Schmidt and Johan du Plessis, 9 killed in army horror. “The SANDF is in the middle of a R3-billion programme to upgrade its ADA, adding gunner-toted short-range missile systems, longer-range vehicle-mounted systems and a new fire-control system”

[3] “Five projects to renew Logistic main equipment are in various stages of execution, namely from project study phase to the acquisition phase. The projects include equipment such as the replacement of the SAMIL 100 and 50 range of transport vehicles and the introduction of a mobile camping system.”

[4] Written reply to question 1046 in the National Assembly, June 26, 2007. 

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