ELW Global Limited reacts to emergency humanitarian requirement in record time


Worldwide reaction to the growing refugee crisis caused by the military pull-out of Allied Forces and Afghan Nationals from Afghanistan created several urgent requirements.

With their extended supply chain and procurement network, ELW Global reacted swiftly to those putting together the international response to the humanitarian crisis.

Within days, ELW Global had sourced a large quantity of tents to provide emergency shelter for refugees in the border regions of Afghanistan. Within four days of the initial enquiry, ELW Global had supplied and loaded 480 cubic meters of tents from stock on to 12 x 40 foot trucks for delivery to the departure airport in the United Arab Emirates. The 2 000 units required repacking to reduce the cubic measurement and make the load more suitable for carriage by chartered aircraft.

Nick Miller, CEO of ELW Global, explained that the speed within which this shipment was loaded and ready to despatch was achieved in conjunction with the logistics team of Faheem Shaikh, Managing Director of D and F Logistics LLC. “We have worked with Faheem’s group throughout Africa since its establishment in 1997 because they are used to the very short deadlines we demand of them.”

ELW Global Limited manufactures and supplies a wide range of equipment used in defence and humanitarian programmes and supports these with a full logistics operation to final destination.

Since its establishment in 2007, ELW Global has evolved into an industry leader in the design, manufacturing and delivery of water filtration and water management solutions, personal protection equipment and tactical clothing, general and special purpose vehicles, low fuel consumption diesel stoves and kitchens, as well as planning and logistics.

ELW Global Limited works with defence and government agencies, NGO’s, peacekeeping operations, relief and humanitarian support, mining and construction companies primarily in Africa and the Middle East. Our wide range of logistical partners and project managers have ensured the timely, safe arrival of equipment in some of the world’s most challenging circumstances.