DoD cautions against persistent tender scammers


The Department of Defence (DoD) has warned South Africa’s business community to beware of fraudulent tenders, which it says continue to persist, especially for protective clothing.

Following a media statement issued by the Department of Defence in April 2020 warning against unknown scammers misrepresenting the DoD, the department has noticed an unrelenting and persistent trend by opportunistic scammers who are still going around pretending to be representatives of the DoD issuing fraudulent invitation to tender for personal protective equipment (PPEs) which include face masks and gloves to be delivered at the offices of the department, the Department said on 12 June.

“The Business community is warned not to fall into the trap of the fraudulent tender invitations which are not from the DoD. Business owners are urged to verify any request for tender (RFT) with the Central Procurement Service Centre tender invitation office based in Eco Park at telephone number (012) 649 6682 for authenticity of such. It must be noted that all requirements by the South African National Defence Force is procured through the official DoD procurement processes.”