Desert Wolf delivers more field kitchens to Namibian military


The Namibian Defence Force has taken delivery of an additional six Boma 250 man mobile field kitchens from Desert Wolf.

The field kitchens were delivered at the end of March as part of an ongoing project with the Namibian Defence Force, which is equipping its units with new cooking equipment.

Hennie Kieser, managing director of Desert Wolf, told defenceWeb that a total of more than 48 units is needed in order to complete the project.

The six field kitchens were ordered in September last year. An initial batch of six were delivered in early 2015 under a R4 million contract.

Kieser told defenceWeb that Desert Wolf is currently in discussion with Angola over the Boma 250 man field kitchen. The Angolan military has a requirement for around 50 units. “Once the final project costing and contract negotiations have been completed we will start with their systems,” he said.

Desert Wolf and OTT Solutions were recently awarded a contract for the 15 person field cooking unit component of Project Teamster, which aims to replace the South African National Defence Force’s field cooking capability. Desert Wolf and OTT will be delivering 158 of these complete systems during the next 13 months.