Defence force seeks transport contractor for DRC equipment move


South Africa’s commitment to the broader MONUSCO mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is going to be restocked from a ground transport point of view.

This is in terms of a tender which sees the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) looking for suppliers prepared to move 300 tons of vehicles and goods from Goma in the DRC to Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania, then by sea to Durban and finally by road to Wallmannsthal, north of Pretoria.

These vehicles, which include Mamba troop carriers, Samil 20s, 50s and 100s as well as both Casspir and Mamba ambulances, will be replaced by similar vehicles but more in mass at 650 tons. The replacement equipment, according to the tender, will be collected at both Wallmannsthal and the De Brug mobilisation centre in Free State for transport to the final destination of Goma.

In South Africa, vehicles and other military equipment in the tender are to be collected at both points and moved, presumably by road, to Durban where all will be loaded on a ship for transport to the Tanzanian port and then again on, again presumably by road, to the eastern Congolese city where MONUSCO is based.

The movement of materiel and vehicles also includes reverse osmosis plants for water purification, firefighting crash and recovery vehicles and recovery vehicles, essentially heavy duty tow trucks which are in extensive use during the rainy season in the central African country, given the poor road and other infrastructure situation.

This is, as far as defenceWeb can ascertain, not the first time the SANDF has gone to the private sector to assist with logistics for continental peace support missions. When South Africa exited from the UNAMID Darfur mission in Sudan, known as Operation Cordite, a private contractor was used to return military equipment, including vehicles and some armament, to South Africa. As with the planned DRC tender, the transport utilised was road and