Armscor awards Teamster phase 1 contract


OTT Solutions and Desert Wolf have been awarded the contract for the first phase of Project Teamster to replace the South African National Defence Force’s field cooking capability.

The first part of Project Teamster is for a 15 person field cooking unit and refrigeration capability.
“Armscor wishes to obtain offers for the supply of Fifteen People Field Cooking Units (FCU-15) as part of the Mass Field Feeding System (MFFS) requirement for the South African National Defence Force (SANDF),” the state contracting entity said.

The MFFS consists of the following deployable components: a Mass Field Feeding Capability (MFFC) for the preparing of food for 200 people; a MFFC for the preparing of food for 50 people; a 15 People Field Cooking Unit (FCU-15); a Cold Chain including a small storage container; and a mess facility for the serving of food for 200 people.

Hennie Kieser, Managing Director of Desert Wolf Consulting, told defenceWeb that Desert Wolf and OTT Solutions joined forces and were awarded the tender for the 15 person field cooking units.

Kieser said the two companies would be delivering 158 of these complete systems during the next 12 months or sooner.

Andre Olivier, General Manager and company secretary at OTT Solutions, told defenceWeb that OTT is the primary contractor and will be doing the technical work, such as laser cutting, importing cooler boxes etc., while Desert Wolf will supply the stoves. (OTT Solutions is 51% owned by the South African Military Veterans Association and 49% by OTT Technologies.)

Kieser said that the first step in winning the contract was to pass Critical Criteria Tests at the Gerotek test facility outside Pretoria. Both the Boma 30 Diesel Fired Stove and the two cooler boxes offered for the Teamster contract had to be tested, with the Boma Diesel stove having to boil two litres of water in a 30 cm pot in ten minutes. “The tests at Gerotek showed that we can boil that water in less than eight minutes,” Kieser said.

Another requirement was for a cooler box loaded with 10 kg of frozen rations at minus 18 degrees to be below zero degrees after 48 hours. “The Pelican Plastic cooler box was at minus three degrees and the Desert Wolf Stainless Steel cooler box was at minus seven degrees. Local is best!” Kieser said.

The field cooking system being supplied by Desert Wolf and OTT to the SANDF includes a cooking and food preparation work surface enclosed under an awning; Desert Wolf Boma 30 diesel fired dual plate stove; two cooler boxes for frozen rations and two cooler boxes for cooled rations; two dry rations storage boxes; utensils, pots, pans and other necessary cooking equipment.

Olivier said after the successful Gerotek tests, the next step is to deliver three stoves for field testing. After about a couple of weeks of field testing, full scale production will begin.

At the moment the military’s current mobile kitchens are gas fired and this is problematic because it is prohibited to fly with gas and obtaining a gas supply in foreign countries can be difficult.

New field kitchens under Project Teamster should enter service by 2017/18.