Statement from Presidency


President Jacob Zuma has complied with all provisions relating to informing Parliament and the public of the employment of the SA National Defence Force.

Allegations to the contrary made by some political parties are therefore inaccurate.

Addressing the memorial service, President Zuma stated that no country shares its military strategies except broader policy and that political parties and commentators should be careful not to delve into operational matters that could endanger state and personnel security.

The President has on every occasion when employing the South African National Defence Force in line with constitutional requirements, informed Parliament and will continue to do so.

The Constitution provides as follows:
“(2) Only the President, as head of the national executive, may authorise the employment of the defence force –
(a) in co-operation with the police service;
(b) in defence of the Republic; or
(c) in fulfilment of an international obligation.
(3) When the defence force is employed for any purpose mentioned in subsection (2), the President must inform Parliament, promptly and in appropriate detail, of –
(a) the reasons for the employment of the defence force;
(b) any place where the force is being employed;
(c) the number of people involved; and
(d) the period for which the force is expected to be employed.
(4) If Parliament does not sit during the first seven days after the defence force is employed as envisaged in subsection (2), the President must provide the information required in subsection (3) to the appropriate oversight committee”.

Parliament was informed of the CAR deployment. Therefore, the public’s right to know was taken into account and will continue to be, but without disclosing military strategies and tactics which would endanger lives and state security.

We urge the media and commentators to take this fact into account when commenting or reporting on defence matters.

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Issued by: The Presidency