Statement by the Minister of State Security on the alleged leakage of classified security documents by media organisations


The Minister of State Security, David Mahlobo has noted with concern latest media reports alleging the release of classified intelligence reports of international intelligence organisations, including those of the State Security Agency.

While it is an international practice for countries to share intelligence on cross cutting issues pertaining to economic opportunities and security matters amongst others, the leaking of the purported documents detailing operational
details of the State Security Agency is condemned in the strongest possible terms.

In terms of the legal and policy framework governing South African management of classified information, it is illegal to disclose such information outside of the classification protocols in place. Such conduct has the dangerous effect of undermining operational effectiveness of the work to secure this country and borders on undermining diplomatic relations with our partners in the international community. Any leakages of classified information undermine the national security of any state.

A full investigation has been launched into the purported leakage, its veracity and verification will be handled in terms of the protocols governing the management of classified information.

Government has further noted with concern social media reports alleging espionage activities linked to some politicians and ahead of a Chapter 9 institution. Government will look further into this matter.

The Minister would like to assure all South Africans that the State Security Agency will continue to focus on its mandate to protect and secure the integrity of country, its citizens and critical infrastructure.