Parliamentary Question:DoP: What is the budget allocation for the Community Police Forums



Mr O de Beer (COPE WC) to ask the Minister of Police:
(a) What is the budget allocation for the Community Police Forums (CPF) and (b) what supplies and/or facilities are allocated to the forums to roll out the necessary campaigns in all provinces?

(11)(a) SAPS deals with support to CPF’s in terms of the Interim Regulations for Community Police Forums and Boards. These Regulations provide for SAPS to support the functioning of Community Police Forums and Boards. Support can include access to office space, access to office equipment, eg. telephones, fax machines, computers and copiers, assistance with transport and the allocation of police members to assist with the minutes of meetings and administrative support. This form of support has cost implications for the SAPS but does not involve the transfer of any funds to CPF’s. It forms part of the police stations’ budget. Assistance with transport is provided through the use of police vehicles, driven by police members, to transport CPF members for purposes of CPF functions only and also, only, when use of public transport is not possible.
(1)(b) The Regulations further provide for fundraising by a Community Police Forum, sub-forum or board. It does not provide for SAPS to transfer funds to a CPF other than to make use of its own budget for the purposes of providing support for the functioning of CPF’s and Boards in the manner described above. SAPS can also use its budget for implementing the activities agreed on, in co-operation with CPF’s. However, funding in this regard is allocated on the police budget and spent according to police financial and procurement requirements. This could include projects, undertaken with CPF’s, like the printing of crime awareness information, for dissemination to a community or funding the costs of a workshop for CPF members, on new legislation to empower them to raise awareness about this in their communities. Information material and promotional material, provided to police stations by SAPS Communication Services, can also be used in campaigns and projects, undertaken jointly by SAPS and CPF’s.

There is legislation before parliament that deals with the Civilian Secretariat for Police. The legislation gives the Civilian Secretariat for Police a greater role with regard to CPFs. The Civilian Secretariat for Police is currently involved in a process to enhance our policy regarding CPFs and based on the outcome of this process changes may occur and these will be incorporated into the review of the SAPS planned for next year

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