Parliamentary Question: Support the SANDF is providing to secure border and ports.


5. Ms N R Mabedla (ANC) to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans:

In view of criminal activities at the borders and ports of entry, what kind of support is the SA National Defence Force providing to secure the borders and ports? NO341E


Following a decision by Cabinet in 2009, the SANDF has been deployed along the landward borders in terms of Sec 18 (1) (d) of the Defence Act with effect from 1 April 2010. This deployment will be conducted in a phased approach to take over responsibility of borderline control from the SAPS on a priority basis. This will not include ports of entry which are handled by a multidisciplinary grouping of border control agencies, including inter alia, members from SARS, Home Affairs and the SAPS, etc. The SANDF support to ports of entry will be handled on an individual requirement basis for specific operations. While the SANDF will not be deployed primarily in a crime combating role regarding normal criminal activities due to the focus on borderline control, the mere deployment and presence of the SANDF along the borders will, on its own, serve as deterrence to other criminal activities. The unique advantages of SANDF operational deployment doctrine will ensure a higher level of borderline control. This will be achieved by, inter alia, the deployment and conduct of:
a. Mobile and foot patrols.
b. Observation and listening posts.
c. Standing patrols.
d. Vehicle control points.
e. Reaction force and follow up operations (to include extended border area)
f. Depth operations, i.e. roadblocks, up to 20 kilometres to the rear of the borderline in conjunction with the SAPS.