Parliamentary Question: Presidency: Ministerial performance reviews.



The Leader of the Opposition (DA) to ask the President of the Republic:
(1) Whether the ministerial performance reviews of each member of his Cabinet will be made available to the public; if not, why not; if so, when;
(2) what was the outcome of each Minister’s latest performance review?

(1)and (2)

Over the past few weeks the President has been meeting with the coordinating Ministers for the 12 outcomes, to assess progress with the development and implementation of the Delivery Agreements for the outcomes.

In due course the President will be meeting with individual Ministers to discuss their progress in terms of their individual performance agreements with him. The results of these discussions will not be made public. The way in which the President manages the performance of his individual Ministers is his prerogative.

The Delivery Agreements for the outcomes are being made public as they are being signed. The core contents of the Delivery Agreements will also become the contents of the new Programme of Action (POA), which will be posted on the government website shortly. From February 2011, the POA will include quarterly progress reports. The public will therefore be in a position to assess the performance of the government against its commitments in the Delivery Agreements.