Parliamentary question: MoDMV: who is a military veteran?


Mr D.C. Smiles (DA) to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans:
(1) (a)(i) Who qualifies as a Military Veteran and (ii) what constitutes military veterans and (b) what are the benefits envisaged for the beneficiaries so constituted;

(2) (a) What is the projected budget for the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) period when the Department of Military Veterans is to be established and (b) on what benchmark or mode is this budget based;
(3) What are the operational plans for the 20 Million budgeted for the 2010/11 Financial Year when this Department is to be established? NW1311E

1 (a)(i) At the moment, the legal basis is that of the Military Veterans’ Act (Act No 17 of 1999). However, the report of the Ministerial Task Team on Military Veterans (MTTMV) has policy recommendations which will lead to new legislation. The said report will serve before members of the Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans. The Military Veterans’ Act defines Military Veteran as any person who –
(a) Either voluntarily or under conscription or call-up served as a member of
(i) The Union Defence Forces or any military force of a country allied to the former Union Government during the Great War of 1914 to 1918, World War II being the war which commenced on 6 September 1939, or the hostilities in Korea from 1950 to 1953; or
(ii) The South African Defence Force or any Defence force of a territory which prior to the commencement of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1993 (Act No. 200 of 1993), enjoyed the status of an independent State in terms of a law of the Republic of South Africa; or
(iii) The South African National Defence Force, and has not been dishonourably discharged, is retired, or no longer serves in the South African National Defence Force and is a citizen of the Republic, and irrespective of whether any such service envisaged in subparagraph (i), (ii) or (iii) has been rendered in a permanent or in a part-time component or part-time capacity; or
is a “war veteran” as defined in section 1 of the Social Assistance Act, 1992 (Act No. 59 of 1992); or

Served as a member of any non-statutory force as defined in section 1 of the Demobilisation Act, 1996 (Act No. 99 of 1996); or
belongs to any other prescribed category of Military Veterans;
(b) The Military Veterans’ Act, Act No. 17 of 1999 also mentioned entitlements/benefits in relation to a Military Veteran and his or her Dependants includes any pension, grant, allowance, subsidy, Compensation, accommodation or retirement assistance, loan, insurance benefit, burial benefit, social assistance or other benefit which any such person is entitled to in law and any prescribed entitlement.
2. (a) The Department of Military Veterans does not have the projected budget for the Medium Term Expenditure period when the Department is to be established. What the Department has is the Medium Term Expenditure Framework Allocations, and is tabled as follows; R20 Million for the FY2010/2011, R30 Million for the FY2011/2012 and R30 Million for the FY2012/2013.
(b) The budget is not based on any benchmark mode. National Treasury allocated the amount during the National Estimates and it is part of Vote 21.
3 The Interim Operational Plan will be presented to the Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans.