Parliamentary Question: DST: Budgetary Transfers



Date of publication in internal question paper: (10 February 2011) (Internal question paper no 1-2011)

“142. Mr AM Figlan (DA) to ask the Minister of Science and Technology:
(1)What (a) statutory provisions, (b) regulations, (c) policy instruments and practices govern the (i) classification, (ii) protection against the release or access, (iii) protection for other purposes such as preservation and (iv) release upon request for access of (aa) documented information and (bb) undocumented information held by (aaa) her department or (bbb) any other entities who receive budgetary transfers from her department?”


The applicable statutory provisions, regulations and policy instruments in Government as a whole include the following:

Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996

Promotion of Access to Information, 2000

Intelligence Services Act, 2002

Protection of Information Act, 1982

National Archives of South Africa Act, 1996

Minimum Information Security Standards, 1996

In addition there are regulations, internal policies, operational directives, manuals and codes of conduct.