Parliamentary Question: dpsa: Corrupt public officials



Mr L Ramatlakane (Cope) to ask the Minister for the Public Service and Administration:

What measures he intends implementing to change the public’s perception of the Public Service as corrupt and lacking effective measures to combat corruption?


Yes, Government is definitely committed to combating corruption. I must emphasize that our focus will not be primarily about achieving a higher ranking in the Corruption Perception Index but instead, seek to achieve the objectives we have set ourselves in the new outcome-based approach in which we identified a number of activities to be undertaken to tackle corruption effectively in the Public Service. We have acknowledged our ranking and we have stated that one of the things that we would do would be to reduce the perception that our country is corrupt.

Government has recently announced a number of initiatives and structures that are created to reduce the level of corruption. The establishments of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Anti-Corruption; Multi Agency Working Group and the Special Anti-Corruption Unit are amongst key initiatives we have to tackle corruption.

The following are the details of the activities which will be undertaken to reduce the level of corruption:
b.Launch the Special anti-corruption Unit with the DPSA to investigate cases of corruption related misconducts, follow up on reported cases at department level; coordinate disciplinary processes and eradicate financial loss incurred by government as a result of corruption (i.e. including recouping monies or any material benefit acquired inappropriately.)
(1)Develop and implement the Public Sector Integrity Management Framework;
c.The DPSA is currently rolling out a national Anti-Corruption training programme.
d.Government is also working collaboratively with business and civil society through the National Anti-corruption Forum to ensure that the fight against corruption is well coordinated from all sectors.

The IMC and Inter – Departmental Task Team will both ensure efficient implementation and coordination of anti-corruption efforts in the Public Service. In addition, both structures will also be responsible for the following issues:
(2)Promote policy coherence and alignment on cross – cutting anti-corruption programmes of government;
(3)Review procurement practices in the public service;
(4)Address weaknesses in the criminal justice system so as to ensure that efficient prosecution takes place.