Parliamentary question: DPE: Remuneration



1477. Mr N J J van R Koornhof (Cope) to ask the Minister of Public Enterprises:

When will the report of the panel that she appointed to oversee the salary packages of chief executive officers of state-owned enterprises be completed?



The Remuneration Panel was not ‘appointed to oversee the salary packages of CEOs at State Owned Enterprises (SOE).’

Instead, the Remuneration Panel was established to make recommendations and suggest a framework to determine a rational and consistent remuneration model that protects the interests of the SOE, employees of the SOE, the State and the State’s national assets.

Specifically, it was tasked with reviewing, assessing, analysing and advising the Minister on the structure, components, level and mix regarding remuneration for executive directors and non-executive directors of SOE that fall within the ambit of the Department of Public Enterprises.

It was also asked to address the appropriateness and level of existing remuneration models and to propose a rational model for the future including assessing whether at present the remuneration models conform to the applicable SOE Remuneration Guidelines. 

The Remuneration Panel intends and is scheduled to complete its work and submit its recommendations towards the end of August 2010. These recommendations will need to be considered prior to implementation and public dissemination thereof.