Parliamentary Question: DoT: Establishment of Independent Aircraft Crash Investigation Board



Mr S Mokgalapa (DA) asked the Minister of Transport:

Whether he intends establishing an Independent Aircraft Crash Investigation Board; if not, (a) why not and (b)(i) who or (ii) what structure or entity is currently fulfilling the functions of such a board; if so, when?


The Minister of Transport:

Provision has been made for the establishment of an independent Aviation Safety Investigation Board (ASIB) in terms of Chapter 4 of the Civil Aviation Act, 2009 (Act No 13 of 2009), which became effective on 31 March 2010. Certain Parts of Chapter 4 of the Act, which provides for the powers and functions of the ASIB, are not yet in force. The Board will only be able to function when the relevant provisions of the Act are in force and after budgetary allocations have been made for that purpose. It is envisaged that the National Treasury will make budgetary allocations for the creation of the ASIB in the next financial year.
(a) Falls away.
(b) (i) and (ii)

The Accident and Incident Investigation Division (AIID) created within the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) is carrying out the investigation of accidents and serious incidents on a cost recovery basis on behalf of the Department of Transport. This is an arrangement that has been in place since the creation of the SACAA on 01 October 1998. All less serious incidents are investigated by the appropriate departments within the SACAA. The function of investigation of selected accidents and serious incidents will be transferred from the SACAA to the ASIB on a mutually agreed date when the ASIB has been established and is suitably staffed.