Parliamentary Question: DoT: Bodyguards for DG and CEO’s


Mr M S F de Freitas (DA) asked the Minister of Transport:

Whether (a) the Director-General and (b) chief executive officers of all entities affiliated to his department are protected by bodyguards/security services; if so, (i) what are the details of each person with such protection and (ii) what are the reasons for appointing the bodyguards/security services?


The Minister of Transport:
(a) (i) and (ii)

No, the Department of Transport does not employ bodyguards/security services to protect its Director-General.
(b) (i) and (ii)

The Chief Executive Officers of the following two entities reporting to the Department of Transport are provided with security:

Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA)

PRASA Corporate Security regularly conducts a security risk and threat assessment on various categories of its employees as part of its mandate to provide an efficient and effective security environment and service to enable PRASA to execute its mandate.

As the Organization continues to restructure, modernize and transform to create greater efficiencies, the services of various categories of stakeholders are affected, especially when those of long-standing service providers are terminated due to various reasons, including sub-standard performance, exorbitant pricing, et cetera. This has and continues to result in a number of threats being made to the person and life of the Group Chief Executive Officer.

The security risk and threat analysis indicate that there is an ongoing penetration of crime syndicates in various forms throughout the Organization, to facilitate and further their aim to illegally profit from PRASA. The stringent steps led by the Group Chief Executive Officer to counter and eradicate these criminal elements from the business environment have positioned him as a prime target of these criminal elements and syndicates. These include steps to identify, prevent and stop collusion between service providers and employees who illegally profit from crime within PRASA, which have increased the threat to the life of the Group Chief Executive Officer.

The Group Chief Executive Officer works extended hours both in office and attending external meetings. His motor vehicle has also been followed on a number of occasions by unknown people.

Road Accident Fund (RAF)

The RAF’s Chief Executive Officer is provided with personal protection services. This is done following regular threat analysis.