Parliamentary Question: DoT: Boards vacancies


Mr S B Farrow (DA) asked the Minister of Transport:
(1) Whether any of the boards of any agency under the jurisdiction of his department has any vacancies; if so, in each case, for the affected boards, (a) when did each of these vacancies occur and (b) what was the reason for the vacancies not being filled when the term of the previous incumbent expired,

(2) whether he has found that any of these boards in terms of their respective Acts are operating illegally; if so, which boards?


The Minister of Transport:
(1) Yes, there are vacancies on the Boards of the Road Accident Fund (RAF), Airports Company South Africa Limited (ACSA) and the Air Traffic and Navigation Services Company Limited (ATNS).
(a)RAF: The vacancy occurred on appointment of the new Non-Executive Members of the RAF Board in October 2010, when one of the persons declined the appointment due to ill-health.

ACSA: The vacancies occurred when five of the Non-Executive Directors of the Board were retired at the Annual General Meeting held in September 2010.

ATNS: The vacancy occurred when one of the Non-Executive Members of the Board tendered his retirement from the Board in September 2010.
(b)The reason for not filling the vacancies at the time of expiry is that the appropriate candidates with the required expertise had to be identified.
(2) No, none of the Boards mentioned in (1) above are operating illegally – they operate legally within their respective legislative frameworks.