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1673. Ms E More (DA) to ask the Minister of Police:
(1) With reference to his reply to question 1140 on 26 April 2011, when will the placement of SA Police Service members to the Family Violence, Child Abuse and Sexual Offences (FCS) units be completed;

(2) whether any progress has been made since 26 April 2011 to ensure that all FCS police members undergo and pass (a) psychometric testing, (b) detective training and (c) any other specified specialised training; if not, (i) how many of the police officers at each FCS unit who did not undergo the initial testing and specialised training have still not passed each of the specified categories, (ii) which of these specified categories have they not passed, (iii) when will each of these police members at the FCS units be tested again and (iv) how are they able to work at the FCS units without the necessary training?


(1) The identification and placement of members at the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Units (FCS) is a continuous process due to a continuous in and outflow of members (applications for transfer due to changes in personal circumstance, promotions, service terminations, etc).
1(2) Yes
(2)(a) A Provincial Implementation Committee was established in every province to deal with the interim placements. All the members are screened before they are placed at the FCS Units. Only the members who complied to the minimum requirements, were placed at the FCS Units. Sixty six (66) FCS members have undergone psychometric training since 26 April 2011.
(2)(b) Fifty (50) members attended the FCS Detective Learning Programme (FCSDLP) course during May 2011.

(2)(c)(i)(ii) The training of the FCS detectives is a continuous process. Members are nominated to attend the different courses when it is presented. Fifty (50) members attended the FCS Detective Learning Programme (FCSDLP) during May 2011 and another fifty (50) members will attend the course in July 2011. All the members have passed the training in May 2011. Another three (3) courses are scheduled for the rest of this financial year. A total of 250 FCS members will attend the FCSDLP during this financial year.
(2)(c)(iii) The testing and training of the FCS detectives is a continuous process
(2)(c)(iv) The FCS detectives who have not yet attended the FCSDLP, receive daily in-service (on-the-job) training. Guidance is provided by the Unit Commander of the Unit. A member is placed with an experienced FCS member who is responsible for the mentoring of the inexperienced member.

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