Parliamentary Question: DoP: Rural security plan



Mr P J Groenewald (FF Plus) to ask the Minister of Police:
(1) Whether he has announced the rural security plan; if not, why not; if so, (a) where, (b) what does the plan entail and (c) what progress has been made with the implementation of the plan;
(2) whether he will make a statement on the matter?

Yes, I have announced the National Rural Safety Strategy to be implemented by the South African Police Service.

The Strategy was announced during visits to identified rural areas in Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga, and Gauteng, in cooperation with Agri-SA, which took place from 14 to 21 October 2010.

The National Rural Safety Strategy aims to address rural safety, as part and parcel of an integrated and holistic day to day crime prevention approach, based on the principles of Sector Policing, which addresses the needs of the entire rural community, including the farming community.

This approach will be supported by crime prevention and service delivery, a rural rapid reaction capacity at cluster level and utilization of reservists at sector level, as force multipliers, to existing capacity at rural police stations.

Rural safety, on the South African borderline, will further be strengthened, in terms of integrating and coordinating of local deployment along borderline operations, to combat illegal cross border movement of people, goods and contraband. The above approach aims to sustain and integrate the Rural Safety Strategy, by providing a properly trained and resourced capacity to implement rural safety measures.

The strategy further aims to promote effective and dedicated participation, partnership and involvement of internal and external stakeholders, in an integrated, joint and coordinated manner.

The strategy will be based on the following four (4) pillars:

Pillar 1: Enhanced Service Delivery
_ To improve access to safety and security services and policing
_ To improve infrastructure and accessibility to policing
_ Adopting a proactive and responsive operational approach
_ Implementation of Sector Policing and sector deployment
_ Enhanced utilization of reservists
_ Enhanced border security
_ Enhanced communication
_ Availability of information/ intelligence to support intelligence-driven operations
_ Establishment of an information gathering and sharing capability
_ Optimal utilization of all available resources in an integrated manner
_ Professional and prompt investigation, as well as effective prosecution

Pillar 2: Integrated Approach
_ Promote and involve all role players and stakeholders, including Government and civil society, in an integrated and coordinated manner, to support improved accessibility and service delivery to the rural community. Enhanced cooperation and coordination of all available resources are required.

Pillar 3: Community Safety Awareness
_ Establishment of Safety Networks
_ Creating community awareness and educating the rural community in terms of safety and security issues (pamphlets, posters, booklets, community programs and projects).

Pillar 4: Rural Development
_ Promoting effective crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED).
_ Support the implementation of the Comprehensive Rural Development Plan (CRDP).
(c) An integrated National Task Team has been established and an Implementation Plan, to guide and monitor implementation of the Strategy, was developed. Implementation will be done in a phased approach, at priority targeted rural areas from 2011-2014, against set short, medium and long term objectives.

I have made a number of statements on this issue and will continue to comment on it when and where appropriate.

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