Parliamentary Question: DoP: Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority



Adv L H Max (DA) to ask the Minister of Police:
(1) How are the different management levels of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) determined;

(2) whether there is a record of the qualifications of each person in PSIRA’s management; if not, why not; if so, what are the qualifications of each specified person;
(3) whether there is a minimum qualification level for persons employed in management positions at PSIRA; if not, why not; if so, what minimum qualification level is required for appointment as manager at PSIRA?


(1) The different levels of management at PSIRA are guided by the following elements:

Current PSIRA act of No. 56 of 2001 (the Act), which prescribes the appointment of the Authority’s Director and three Deputy Directors.

Operational requirements and functions of the Authority.
(2) The records for qualifications are in place for each person in management posts established in term of the Act. These are indicated below:



Minimum Qualifications of the post

Qualifications Obtained by Incumbent


  • Relevant Management Post Graduate degree

  • B juris Degree

  • Project Management Course

  • Labour Relations course

  • Insights Transformational Leadership Programme


Deputy Director: Finance

  • An Appropriate Accounting Qualification

  • Knowledge and understanding of PFMA Act

  • Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

  • Bachelor of Commerce

  • Management Development Programme

  • Registered Accounting Officer

  • IAC – SA

Deputy Director: Law enforcement

  • LLB Degree or equivalent

  • Vacant

Deputy Director: Communication and Training

  • Relevant post graduate in Business Management or equivalent

  • Vacant

(3) The minimum qualifications for management is a post-matric tertiary qualification and the Authority has currently employed this practice for any appointment on managerial level.

Reply to question 3293 approved by MINISTER

Date: 5 December 2010