Parliamentary Question: DoP: Police forums



Ms N P Gcume (Cope) to ask the Minister of Police:

Whether the SA Police Service intends establishing (a) police forums and (b) street committees in (i) rural areas and (ii) townships headed by headsmen in these respective areas; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?


(a) The South African Police Service Act, 1995 (Act No. 68 of 1995), Section 18 to 23 and the Interim Regulations for the Community Police Forums and Boards, Government Notice R384 of 11 May 2001, prescribe the establishment of Community Police Forums (CPF’s) and Community Police Sub-Forums at all police stations.

At present, in line with this provision, 1124 CPF’s structures have been established at all police stations countrywide, including urban and rural police stations. Community Police Sub-forums have further been established at 1044 police stations in specific demarcated sectors in the police station areas, to support the implementation of Sector Policing as policing methodology.
(b) (i) and (ii) The Rural Safety Strategy that was recently implemented by the South African Police Service, encourages participation by the 

community in community crime prevention initiatives and specifically provides for the active participation and involvement of traditional and tribal structures.

CPF structures and substructures, are used to enhance community participation and involvement in Sector Policing in urban and rural police station areas, and are further complemented by the establishment of specific rural safety committees at rural police stations to support the implementation of the Rural Safety Strategy.

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