Parliamentary Question: DoP: New shift sytems


1645. Mr L Ramatlakane (Cope) to ask the Minister of Police:

Whether the SA Police Service consulted with the Department of Labour and all the relevant stakeholders regarding the implementation of the new shift system for officials working at the criminal record centres; if not, why not; if so, what has he found are the (a) advantages and (b) disadvantages of the new shift system?


Yes, Management within the South African Police Service’s Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management at Provincial and the respective Local Criminal Record Centras complied with the provisions of the Safety and Security Sectoral Bargaining Council (SSSBC) Collective Agreement 5/2002 by consulting with employees and shopstewards in the workplace on the implementation of the forty hour flexi system (not the new shift system as referred to in the question). There is no need for the Department of Labour to be consulted on matters of this nature. Negotiations and consultations taking place at the SSSBC level between management and labour representatives consider all labour related policy directives and policy prescripts before / during the signing of the collective agreements.
(a)The advantages of implementing the flexi hour system are amongst others the following:

Crime scene attendance especially with regard to trio crimes, serious and violent crimes, crimes against women and children will be increased.

Response time of crime scene management experts in respect of crime scene attendance will be improved.

Forensic evidence will be lifted within shorter time frames from the scene of crime for further processing within the laboratories.

The objectives of the Criminal Justice System will be realized.

Crime scene management experts will be readily available and accessible to attend to crime scenes.

Service delivery to the community will improve.
(b)Interference from various quarters and uninformed positions against the forty hour flexi system aimed at improving service delivery is the biggest disadvantage.

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