Parliamentary Question: DoP: National Police Day event budget


753. Ms D Kohler-Barnard (DA) to ask the Minister of Police:
(1) With reference to his reply to question 157 on 24 March 2010, what was the total amount (a) budgeted for and (b) spent from the overall budget on the 2010 National Police Day event held in Bloemfontein;

(2) whether the spent amounts were obtained from the (a) provincial or (b) national police budget;
(3) what amounts were (a) budgeted for and (b) spent on (i) bus transport, (ii) train transport, (iii) any other mode of transport, (iv) accommodation, (v) venue hire, (vi) entertainment, (vii) food and beverages, (viii) overtime pay for officers covering the shifts for those attending the event, (ix) overtime pay for officers covering the shifts during the period of leave given to attendees after the event and (x) any other costs incurred as a result of hosting this event?


All costs were budgeted from the National budget.

Reply to question 753 approved by the Minister