Parliamentary Question: DoP: Murders


2813. Mrs L S Chikunga (ANC) to ask the Minister of Police:
(a) How many and (b) what percentage of the (i) 16 834 murders that have been recorded in the 2009-10 financial year have resulted in arrests (ii) persons who were prosecuted for the specified murders have been convicted and (iii) specified murder cases have been closed undetected?

(a)and (b) (i) 8547 arrests with a percentage of 50.77%
(a)and (b) (ii) 3060 convictions with percentage of 35.80%
(a)and (b) (iii) A murder case should never be completely closed but there are
1743 cases where the cases have been filed because suspects are undetected. (10.35 %)

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