Parliamentary Question: DoP: Introduction of a specialised unit


3549. Mr M M Swathe (DA) to ask the Minister of Police:

Whether he intends introducing a specialised unit to deal with (a) the theft of livestock, (b) farm murders and (c) murders in rural areas; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details with regard to each specified crime?

(a)to (c) The seriousness of continued acts of violence against the rural community, as well as the high levels of stock theft, resulted in the South African Police Service formulating a comprehensive and holistic rural safety strategy to support the creation of a safe rural environment. The Rural Safety Strategy aims to address rural safety as part and parcel of an integrated crime prevention approach which seeks to address the needs of the entire rural community, including the farming community.

The operational approach as outlined in the strategy provides for the strengthening of existing specialized Stock Theft Units and the creation of a pro-active and reactive rapid response capacity at cluster and sector level to respond to all crimes committed in the rural areas, including stock theft and incidents on farms and small holdings. The strengthening and expansion of the Stock Theft Units and the capacity at cluster and sector levels to deal with Stock Theft and incidents on farms and small holdings will be informed by identifying priority areas mostly affected.

Rural safety on the South African borderline will further be strengthened in terms of integrating and coordinating of local deployment along borderline with operations to combat illegal cross border movement of people, goods and contraband.

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