Parliamentary Question: DoP: If certain person remains suspended


Ms D Kohler-Barnard (DA) to ask the Minister of Police:
(1) Whether a certain person (name furnished) remains suspended on the charges instituted against her earlier this year; if so, what has been the duration of her suspension to date;

(2) what are the details of the charges that led to her suspension earlier this year;
(3) whether she is currently in the employ of the SA Police Services; if not, (a) why not and (b) who has replaced her; if so, (i) what salary does she continue to receive from the SAPS each month and (ii) what disciplinary action has been taken against her?

The Minister of Police:
1(1) Disciplinary steps were taken and, during the course of the hearing, the said person decided to leave the organisation effective end of November 2010.
(2) The disciplinary charges that were brought against the said person were based on alleged contraventions of the Disciplinary Regulations of the South African Police Service.
(3) (a) The services of the said person terminated on 30 November 2010.
(b) The said person has not been replaced. The environment is currently being restructured and the process is not yet concluded. The Division’s functions will be performed in a different way.