Parliamentary Question: DoP: Financial Management and Monitoring Systems



Mr D V Bloem (COPE-FS) to ask the Minister of Police:

Whether his department is implementing advanced financial management and monitoring systems in order to fully comply with the Auditor-General’s Report of the 2009-10 financial year on National Outcomes; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?



To ensure effective, efficient and transparent systems and internal controls regarding performance management, the SAPS developed a process flow in the form of a flow chart for each performance indicator as described in the SAPS Annual Performance Plan, which describes the flow of performance information on all organizational levels, including the measurement and reporting thereof.

In addition to the above, a Strategic Management Framework is being utilized to standardize the approach to strategic management at all levels and to direct managers at all levels in the application of the framework which involves the implementation of various phases namely, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

To ensure reliable performance information, the SAPS implemented additional verification processes on identified performance indicators e.g. escapes from police custody which includes a monthly verification process on all escape cases registered on the Crime Administration System (CAS) as well as monthly certifications by Provincial Commissioners that all incidents were reported. Development areas were also identified on systems e.g. the Operational Planning and Monitoring System, which is in a process to be adapted to accommodate areas such as approval and verification processes.

The adjustment of existing information systems has also taken place, in conjunction with the development of the performance indicators and targets, as these systems are used to gather the information required to measure progress towards targets. Systems have been optimized to provide the information required to properly monitor progress in respect of the indicators and targets where required. This development will continue as performance indicators are developed, in line with the strategic priorities and key departmental programmes of the department.

In general the maintenance of effective control measures include the following:
(1) Preventative controls intended to reduce errors and thereby minimize the need for taking corrective action e.g. rules, regulations, standards, procedures, training and development, segregation of duties;
(2) Corrective controls intended to change incorrect employee behaviors and performance so that they conform to established rules, standards etc. e.g. monitoring, management by exception, inspections, audits and information technology systems;
(3) Annual reviews of the adequacy and effectiveness of the systems of internal control are performed to ascertain whether the systems established are functioning as intended and to provide reasonable assurance that the department’s objectives and goals will be met efficiently and economically; and
1. Governance principles applied amongst others include risk management and service delivery plans, management forums and committees, code of conduct, audit committee and reporting.

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