Parliamentary Question: DoP: Cosure of Gauteng Firearms Officer



Mr M M Swathe (DA) to ask the Minister of Police:
(1) What was the reason for the closure of the Gauteng Firearms Office;
(2) whether a review of this office will be done; if not, why not; if so, how long will this process take;

(3)whether the offices will be re-opened upon the conclusion of the review; if not, why not; if so, what is the expected date for the offices to be re-opened?

(1)The Firearm Registration Centres (FRC’s) were opened in 2003 in Gauteng as a pilot project which was to be rolled over to other provinces, if found to be working. This situation caused a lot of queues and inconvenience as people had to leave their policing precincts to receive assistance at one particular police station. Due to the identified shortcomings, the provincial management of Gauteng decided that the FRC’s be relocated to the police stations.
(2)Given the facts above, I have requested that a report be presented to my office which reviews the pilot project and the problems that arose during this pilot. In the interim all stations will be fully capacitated to ensure that all people within the province have equal access to firearm related services.
(3)Once I have received the report I will be able to address this aspect of the Honorable members questions.

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