Parliamentary Question: DoP: Aircraft and airfields searches



Dr SM van Dyk (DA) to ask the Minister of Police:

With reference to each of the searches of airfields and aircraft conducted by the SA Police Services (SAPS) since 1 February 2010, (a) what was the (i) nature, (ii) reason, (iii) date and (iv) outcomes, (b) in terms of which legislation were these searches conducted, (c) which SAPS members in terms of (i) rank and (ii) qualifications, participated in the search and (d) what criteria qualified the said staff to participate?

(a)(i) The searches of airfields and aircraft were daily patrols that were conducted as part of normal day-to-day policing.
(a)(ii) The searches were executed to combat Cross Border Crime and in doing so supported the prevention, combating and investigation of transnational crimes.
(a)(iii) Operations have been conducted between February 2010 and March 2011.
(b) The searches of both aircrafts and airfields were conducted in terms of the Criminal Procedure Act 1977 (No 51 of 1977).

The SAPS members who participated in the searches ranged from the rank of Colonel down to Constable depending on the specific operational theater (mission area) and operational plan.
(d) The members underwent training that deals with aviation related offences as well as other aviation specific matters. These types of operations are conducted by various departments jointly, therefore the necessary expertise is always available.

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