Parliamentary Question: DoJ: Judge John Hlope



Ms M Smuts (DA) to ask the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development:
(1)    Whether the security personnel attending the Judge President of the Western Cape, Judge John Hlope, tastes his water before he (a) ascends the bench, (b) drinks water in his office and (c) drinks or eats at any other place; if so,

(2)    whether there have been any attempts to poison (a) the Judge President or (b) any other judge; if so, what are the relevant details;
(3)    whether such activities form part of the official duties of the security personnel attending to the Judge President; if not, (a) what are the (i) duties of the security personnel and (ii) costs involved in providing these services and (b) which department or state entity is responsible for carrying these costs; if so, on which law or regulation is relied on in making provision for such protection to the Judge President?  



I wish to inform the Honourable Member that to the best of my knowledge, I am not aware of such practices occurring.
(a) No and (b) No.  There have been no incidents reported to my Department in this regard.

Not applicable.
(3)(a)(i) The duties of the Close Protection Officers (CPO’s) attached to the Judge President and members of the Judiciary are to provide them with protection and security services.  Details of the job descriptions of these security officials can be obtained from the Department of Police.
3(a)(ii) The costs for the provision of these services for the current financial year are:
1x vehicle (petrol) = R25 519.70
1x cellphone = R4 957.15
3(b)    The Department of Police pays the salaries and related benefits for these CPO’s.  Details of these costs can be obtained from the Department of Police.

The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development is responsible for the costs as indicated in 3 (a)(ii)supra.  The protection services for Judge Presidents are provided in terms of the Cabinet Memorandum dated 17 November 2004.