Parliamentary Question: DoDMV: Vacancies



Mr SJ Masango (DA) to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans whether there are any vacancies in her department, if so, (a) how many vacant positions are there, (b) for what number of vacancies has her department (i) budgeted and (iii) not budgeted, (c) how many vacancies are in the process of being filled and (d) when will the positions for each category be filled?


Whether there are any vacancies. Yes, the Department of Defence has vacancies.
a.How many vacant positions are there? There are a total of 2 893 vacant positions.
b.For what number of vacancies has her Department:
i.Budgeted: The Department has budgeted for the filling of 1401 vacant positions during Financial Year 2011/12, as follows:
(1)334 Vacant professionals and/or experienced uniformed appointments in the Regulars.
(2)1067 Public Service Act Personnel appointments.
ii. Not Budgeted: The Department has not budgeted for the filing of 1492 vacancies.
c.How many vacancies are in the process of being filled? The Department is currently effecting the recruiting of 334 professionals and experienced members for uniformed appointment in the Regulars. Eight hundred and three (803) Public Service Act appointments out of the 1067 planned Public Service Personnel appointments are also currently being processed.
d.When will all the positions for each category be filled? The planned new appointments are to be executed during the course of Financial Year 2011/12 with the filling of all the budgeted vacancies to be concluded during the fourth quarter of Financial Year 2011/12.


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