Parliamentary Question: DoDMV: Strategic defence package costs


Mr P J Groenewald (FF Plus) to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans
(1) With reference to her answer to question 2768 on 17 December 2010, (a) what was the cost of financing the strategic defence package, (b) what was the total cost of the weaponry and (c) what has the interest amounted to so far;
(2) how much the costs of the project (a) have amounted to up to now and (b) are expected to total after completion;
(3) whether she will make a statement on the matter?

(1)(a) The cost of financing the Strategic Defence Package was R 42, 362,053,814.
(b) Weaponry is an integral part of the SDP’s organic command, control fire and control suites, it is included in the total cost per platform. The total ceiling approved by the National Treasury is R 47,225,627,631.
(c) The Interest on Arms Procurement Loan Facility (APLF) for the Strategic Defence Package so far amounted to R 7,860,569,013 and it is not included in the total ceiling mentioned in (1)(b) above.
(2)(a) The Strategic Defence Packages are executed within the allocated funding approved by the National Treasury. The costs of the project have amounted to R 42, 362,053,814.
(b) The costs of the project expected to total after completion is R 47,225,627.631, and it is updated by the National Treasury annually during October of each year.
(3) Not at this stage.