Parliamentary Question: DoDMV: SANDF radio spectrum


Mr N J van den Berg (DA) to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans:
(1) Whether the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) (a) owns or (b) commands any radio spectrum; if so, what are the details in each case;

(2) whether any of the spectrum (a) owned or (b) commanded by the SANDF is currently not in use; if so, in each case, what are the reasons for each frequency not being used? NW511E

a. The SANDF does not own radio spectrum frequencies but utilises those licensed from ICASA.
b. The SANDF CMIS Division within the SANDF that is responsible for managing the utilisation of these frequencies.
c. The frequency spectrum that is allocated and utilised by the SANDF is of a classified nature and the details of each individual frequency cannot be made public.


The majority of the spectrum that is allocated to the SANDF is fully utilised. The SANDF and ICASA are in discussions with regard to co-ordinating an audit of all ICASA radio frequencies allocated to the SANDF with the view to establishing whether any frequencies need to be surrendered back to the ICASA.