Parliamentary Question: DoDMV: National Sexual Offences Register


Mrs D A Schäfer (DA) to ask the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development:

Whether an estimated cost for the establishment of a National Sexual Offences Register is available; if not, why not; if so, (a) what is the estimated cost, (b) how was this amount calculated, (c) what is the breakdown of these costs, (d) how much funds have been spent and (e) for what period has this estimated cost been calculated?  


I wish to inform the Honourable Member that the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DOJ&CD) has utilised an estimated budget of R5 255 421.00 for the implementation and maintenance of Phase One of the National Register for Sexual Offenders (NRSO) over the last four financial years.  Phase One is now fully operational.  It deals with the capturing of current convictions (all convictions recorded from 30 June 2009 to date) of all people who have committed sexual offences against children and mentally disabled persons.

Phase Two, which deals with the capturing of past convictions, vetting procedures and the issuance of clearance certificates, has not been implemented yet due to the lack of a current electronic interface between the information systems of the various stakeholder Departments and the costs involved in the development thereof.  The Department’s implementation is predominantly dependent upon the Criminal Record Centre of the South African Police Service (SAPS) and they have indicated that they still need a period of 18-24 months to update their Automated Fingerprint Information System (AFIS), to be able to assist with the vetting process.

The expenditure indicated above, forms part of the budget which was allocated for the implementation of the Sexual Offences Amendment Act, No. 32 of 2007 (SOAA) and is part of the budget allocated to the Chief Directorate: Promotion of the Rights of Vulnerable Groups in the DOJ&CD (as no separate budget exists for the establishment and implementation of the Register).

A detailed expenditure report on the mentioned R5 255 421.00 over the last four financial years, is attached as Annexure A.

It is expected that during the 2011/12 financial year, further expenditure will be incurred, as approximately eleven posts will need to be created and filled (with the accompanying infrastructure for the Office of the National Registrar of Sexual Offences).  The SAPS initially requested (as part of IJS Funding) R200 million for the upgrading of the AFIS and the Criminal Record Centre (CRC).

The SAPS has received R30 million and has commenced with a limited update linked to the resources received which will be finalised by April 2011.



DOJ&CD Activities emanating from Strategic Objective

Budget/Expenditure report: After Dec  2007/08

Budget/Expenditure report: 2008/09

Budget/Expenditure report: 2009/10

Budget/Expenditure report: 2010/11

Establish and manage the NRSO:


DOJ&CD  was required to establish the NRSO six months after  the commencement of the SOAA envisaged period June 2008, but was  granted an extension via Judicial Matters Amendment Bill, June 2009

End June 2009 DOJ&CD  facilitated the establishment of Phase 1 NRSO


  1. Coordination of

stakeholders engagement:



R10 000.00 for coordinating meetings

R20 000.00 for coordinating meetings

No expenditure incurred yet for coordinating meetings

  1. Develop & maintain the NRSO electronic Integrated Case Management System (ICMS):

  • Phase 1



  • Phase 2








Approximately R620 000.00 for the development of an electronic system (NSRO ICMS) (installation, piloting & maintenance of system)


(The development of NRSO transversal business process (IJS still under development)

No expenses incurred yet for the maintenance of system

  1. Human Resources:

Establish the office of the NRSO


Utilised existing human resources from Sexual Offences Program


The Minister of  DOJ&CD  appointed Ms Chiloane as the National Registrar, but the funding thereof is carried from the normal DOJ&CD budget


  1. Physical Resources:

(Money allocated to the Regional Offices was for the implementation of the Phaswane Judgement, calling for intermediaries, waiting rooms, CCTV cameras, facilitators, etc and the implementation of the sexual offences legislation



R2 million was allocated to the 9 regions  to procure infrastructure to support the NRSO

R37 421.00 for  NRSO

3 computers, printer & toner.


R2.2m allocated to regions  to procure infrastructure for the sexual offences courts to also support the NRSO

  1. Training & Development:



R175 000.00 was  allocated for training materials procured, and the 450 Court Officials that  were  trained on SOAA & NRSO system (PRVG, ISM & SITA)

R193 000.00 was  allocated for training materials (PRVG)


R10 000.00

R2 815 000.00

R2 430 421.00






R5 255 421.00