Parliamentary Question: DoDMV: Commanding officer


Mr M R Sayedali Shah (DA) to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans:

Whether a defence force commanding officer has been suspended following a police investigation into fruitless and wasteful expenditure in the amount of R4 113 374.02; if not, why not; if so,
(a) what is the (i) name and (ii) rank of the officer, (b) to which (i) service or (ii) division does the officer belong, (c) what formation did the officer command and (d) why was the officer suspended? 


Yes. The senior officer was officially charged in terms of Article 19 (1) of the Military Disciplinary Code for Disobeying Lawful Commands or Orders, Common Law Fraud, and Common Law Corruption. The Military Police are still investigating the matter and await certain reports.