Parliamentary Question: DoDMV: Benefits for militart veterans


Question 2969

Mr J J Mc Gluwa (DA) to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans:
(1) (a) Which specified groups benefited from the ministerial directive of 22 August 2005 whereby all military veterans were requested to register on the national database in order to become eligible for benefits and (b) what benefits were allocated to each of the groups;

(2) whether any veteran groups were excluded from receiving benefits; if so, (a) what specified groups were excluded and (b) on what basis were they excluded from receiving benefits?


I have requested the Department’s Research Unit to find the relevant information and will revert to you. I shall also check with the Honourable Lekota who would have issued the said directive. He might help me understand the issue and this will help fast track the process. As soon as I have a response, I will revert to the Honourable Member.