Parliamentary Question: DODMV: Accomodation


D J Stubbe (DA) to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans:

With reference to her reply to question 2011 on 6 October 2011, (a) at how many (i) international and (ii) domestic hotels/guest houses was she accommodated during the period 1 April 2009 up to the latest specified date for which information is available and
(b) what (i) was the (aa) name, (bb) star rating and (cc) city location of each specified establishment, (ii) was the (aa) duration and (bb) purpose of the stay in each case and (iii)(aa) was the total cost of the accommodation and (bb) is the breakdown of the accommodation cost in each case? NW880E

Common practise in the Defence environment is that when I am hosted by my counterpart accommodation is provided by the host. However, hotel accommodation is used is in the instance of a travel route requiring an overnight stay.

In instances where I have travelled as part of the President’s delegation, accommodation is arranged by the Department of International Relation and Cooperation (DIRCO).

The information as it relates to overnight stays is still being collated by the Travel Agency and we await invoices from DIRCO for the international trips arranged by them. Once the information becomes available it will be forwarded to the Honourable member.