Parliamentary Question: DoDMV: A400 aircraft agreement



Mr Tolo (Cope) to ask the Minister of Defence and Military veterans:
1. What is the current status of the A400M aircraft agreement and the R2 billion deposit that was held by the manufactures?
2. Whether she has any alternative plan in place to replace these aircraft with modern defence aircraft, if not, why not, if so, what are the relevant details? (NW224E).

1.The A400M aircraft agreement was terminated on 5 November 2009 due to delays in the production schedule of the manufacturer and the subsequent cost escalation which made it unaffordable for the country.

The contract required that the Department terminate before a set date if we were to qualify for a refund. The Department terminated before that date. This matter is being handled by Armscor as the contracting party and the acquisition arm of the SANDF.
2.The SA Air Force is still evaluating its options for an alternative aircraft and at this stage there are no details.