Parliamentary Question: DoDMV: 2011 Defence Security and Equipment International


Mr D J Maynier (DA) to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans:
(1) Whether her department funded the attendance of any persons at the 2011 Defence Security and Equipment International (DSEI) show in the United Kingdom; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so,

what (a) are the names of (i) the persons and (ii) their spouses who attended this show and (b) is the (i) airline class that was used by each specified person, (ii) breakdown of the cost in respect of each specified person and (iii) total cost paid in respect of such attendance at this defence show;
(2) (a) what is the (i) name and (ii) star rating of the hotel that was used by each specified person, (b)(i) on what date and (ii) for how many days was each specified person booked into the specified hotel, (c)(i) on what dates and (ii) for how many days did each specified person actually stay in the hotel and (d)(i) what was the total loss and (ii) breakdown of the specified losses as a result of failure to stay in the hotels?




The officials of the Department of Defence attend these to provide marketing support to Armscor and the defence- related industry in respect of defence materiel, in consultation with the defence-related industry. ARMSCOR has, as one of its strategic objectives, prioritised support to the local defence industry because the local defence industry is critical to enable ARMSCOR to deliver the required services and equipment to the Department of Defence.

As part of its strategy to enhance and strengthen support for the local defence industry, ARMSCOR as an acquisition agency of the Department of Defence has signed an agreement with the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) to coordinate all international defence exhibitions on its behalf. In doing this, ARMSCOR has identified and participates in various international defence exhibitions, with a view to sustain capabilities in the defence industry to deliver the required services and equipment to the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) International exhibitions serves also serve as a vehicle to promote the local defence industry, which is also in line with government initiatives for economic development and job creation.

Over and above the function of promoting the local defence-related industry, international defence exhibitions afford ARMSCOR an opportunity to forge relationships with similar organisations and to meet with suppliers to further discuss contractual issues and relationships. Of greater importance is the fact that international exhibitions offer an opportunity for exposure to the technology that is available and for determining the world trends and direction in technology development.

The benefits of participating in such exhibitions are evident in the potential business realised by the local defence industry and the number of contracts that are signed as a result thereof. For the Department of Defence and ARMSCOR, the benefits include the following:

To understand the environment of and what is available within the Defence materiel.

Gaining experience and knowledge of worldwide defence industry technologies and trends

Promoting and reinforcing ARMSCOR’s position in the industry as the international gateway to the South African defence industry

As the co-host of the AAD Show, it is important for ARMSCOR to attend other exhibitions in order to promote the AAD and invite and attract other countries to the AAD

Supporting the government’s national objectives of generating foreign exchange investment

Creating good and sound stakeholder relationships with the industry and promoting the ARMSCOR brand

ARMSCOR has strategic facilities within the ARMSCOR Defence Institutes that requires to be marketed at international exhibitions.

Contributing towards the national BEE and SMME strategies.

The 2011 Defence Security and Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition in the United Kingdom falls under this category and the personnel within the Defence Materiel – the division responsible for this function is encouraged to attend such defence shows and the DoD fund such trips. For the DSEI the following people attended:
a. i. Mr A. Visser and Mr M. Masala.
ii. No spouses attended the show.
b. i. Mr A. Visser used business class and Mr M. Masala used economy class.
ii.Mr A.Visser, R56 000 for Airfare and R3 612 allowance totalling at R59 912. Mr M. Masala, R13 428 for Airfare and R18 391 70 for accommodation, food and allowance totalling at R31 819 70.
iii.Mr A. Visser stay in UK was funded by UKTI (United Kingdom Trade and Investment). The DOD paid for his Airfare and allowance of R3 612 for the duration of the exhibition. The total paid is R91 731 70.
2. a. i. Royal Garden Hotel, determined and paid for by UKTI (Mr Visser stay).
ii.5 Stars.
b. i. 12 September 2011.
ii.Four Nights. (DOD funded the stay of Mr M. Masala only)
c. i. 12 – 16 September 2011.
ii.Four Days. (DOD funded
d. i. No loss was experienced.
ii. Mr A. Visser and Mr M. Masala stayed in the Royal Garden Hotel for the duration of their stay in London.