Parliamentary question: DoD: National Service


Question 1647

Mr P J Groenewald (FF Plus) to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans:†

(1) (a) What type of training the members of the executive committee of a certain political organisation (name furnished) will be receiving; (b) how long the training will be, (c) how much the training will cost and (d) where the training will be given;
(2) whether she will make a statement on the matter? NW1909E

1 (a) Please note that the programme is a national youth programme and as such, the invitation is extended to all youth in the country. Across all political spectrum, we will be using the executive committees of all the Youth organisations to expose them to a pilot programme on national service, in the hope that they will have a better understanding of the concept.

Modeled along similar initiatives such as those in Tanzania and Bermuda, this programme is designed to engage our youth in positive and meaningful activity and is only one part of a raft of options available.

The National Service Programme is expected to help the youth to contribute to national interest, both personally and professionally. The programme should, of necessity, cover a number of aspects not least the provision of technical life skills, including entrepreneurial skills.

Emphasis will be placed on helping the youth to make sound career choices and enhance those skills required to make them undeniable assets to a broad range of employers.
(b) and (c) The training modules have not been finalised and therefore no costing has been done. When it is done, proposals will be made to utilise existing funds in government.
2. I have already made a number of statements on this matter.