Parliamentary question: DoD: Julius Malema



Mr D C Smiles (DA) to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans:

Whether her (a) department or (b) any of its entities has signed any contractual agreements with certain companies (names furnished) or any of their affiliates; if so, (i) what is the nature of each contract, (ii) what is the (aa) start and (bb) end date of each contract, (iii) what is the monetary value of each contract, (iv) what are the details of the process that was undertaken for the signing of each contract, (v) who else tendered for each contract that was awarded to these companies and (vi) what amount did each tenderer quote in each case?NW1976E


Neither the department, nor any of its entities has signed or entered into any contractual agreements with 101 Junjus Trading CC, Blue Nightingale Trading 61, Ever Roaring Investment, SGL Engineering project or any of its known affiliates.