Parliamentary Question: Dirco: Troika summit of the Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation


The Troika summit of the Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation met in Livingstone, Republic of Zambia, 31 March 2011 to consider the political and security situation in the region, in particular in the Republics of Madagascar and Zimbabwe.

Summit was chaired by H E Rupiah Bwezani Banda, Chairperson of Organ on Politics Defence and Security Cooperation and President of the Republic of Zambia.

Summit was attended by the following heads of state and government:

Namibia H EPresidentHifikepunyePohamba, Chairperson of Southern African Development Community (SADC)

South AfricaH EPresidentJacob G Zuma, Deputy Chairperson of the Organ

MozambiqueH E President Armando Emilio Guebuza.

Also in attendence was H E Robert G Mugabe, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Right. Honourable Morgan Tsvangirai, Prime Minister; Honourable Deputy Prime Minister Professor Arthur Mutambara; Professor Welshman Ncube, President of MCD-N and Dr Tomaz Augusto Salomao, Executive Secretary of SADC.

Summit congratulated H E Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, President of the United Republic of Tanzania and his party Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) for winning the general elections in November 2010.

Summit recalled and reiterated its decisions of March 2009 on the urgent need to restore constitutional order in Madagascar and pledge full support to the SADC Mediation Team in its efforts to help the Malagasy people in finding a lasting finding a lasting solution to the crisis facing the country.

Summit considered the report of the SADC mediator and noted the development of the roadmap for returning the country to constitutional normalcy.

Summit decided to recommend the convening of an extraordinary summit to further consider the Madagascar Report as a matter of urgency.

Summit urged all Malagasy Political Actors to reject violence or threat to use violence during the transition.

Summit committed to consolidate and protect the achievements made in the mediation process and urge all the political parties to cooperate and support the work of the SADC Mediation towards the free, fair and credible elections.

Summit reiterated that the Malgacho-Malgache Dialogue continue to be guided by consensus, inclusivity and transparency.

Summit commended His Excellency Joaquim A Chissano, former President of the Republic of Mozambique, and SADC Mediator on Madagascar for his efforts in finding the lasting solution for Madagascar crisis.

On Zimbabwe, summit received the report on the political and security situation in the country as presented by the SADC Facilitator H E Jacob Zuma, the President of the Republic of South Africa.

Summit appreciated the frankness with which the report was presented by the SADC Facilitator and commented him for the work that he has been doing on behalf of SADC.

Summit recalled past SADC decisions on the implementation of the Global Programme of Action (GPA) and noted with disappointment insufficient progress thereof and expressed its impatience in the delay of the implementation of the GPA.

Summit noted with grave concern the polarisation of the political environment as characterised by, inter alia, resurgence of violence, arrests and intimidation in Zimbabwe.

In view of the above, summit resolved that:

There must be an immediate end of violence, intimidation, hate speech, harassment, and any other form of action that contradicts the letter and spirit of GPA

All stakeholders to the GPA should implement all the provisions of the GPA and create a conducive environment for peace, security, and free political activity

The inclusive Government in Zimbabwe should complete all the steps necessary for the holding of the election including the finalisation of the constitutional amendment and the referendum

SADC should assist Zimbabwe to formulate guidelines that will assist in holding an election that will be peaceful, free and fair, in accordance with SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections

The Troika of the Organ shall appoint a team of officials to join the Facilitation Team and work with the Joint Monitoring, evaluation and implementation of GPA. The Troika shall develop the Terms of Reference, time frames and provide regular progress report, the first, to be presented during the next SADC Extraordinary Summit. Summit will review progress on the implementation of GPA and take appropriate action.

Summit endorsed the report of the SADC Facilitation on Zimbabwe.

In reviewing political and security developments on the continent, summit noted with grave concern the deteriorating security and humanitarian situation in Cote d’Ivoire leading to increased deaths, displacement of persons and influx of refugees.

Summit called on Mr Laurent Gbagbo to hand over power to the internationally recognised winner of the Ivorian Presidential elections, Mr Allassane Ouattara with immediate effect in order to avoid further bloodshed.

With regards to Libya, summit noted with concern the obtrusive measures taken by some countries which go beyond the letter and the spirit of United Nations Security Council(UNSC) Resolution 1973 on the No-Fly zone. In this regard the summit called for the adherence to the political track that was initiated by the AU, to pave the way for political solution in accordance with all its resolutions.

Summit expressed its gratitude to His Excellency Rupiah Banda, the government and the people of Zambia for the warm hospitality and the excellent conditions they provided to the delegates.

Issued by: Department of International Relations and Cooperation
31 Mar 2011