Parliamentary Question: Dirco: Hired vehicles




Mr JRB Lorimer (DA) to ask the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation:

(1). (a) On how many occasions since 1 March 2010 did her office hire a vehicle to transport (i) her and (ii) the Deputy Ministers and
(2)(b) in each case, (i) what was the cost of hiring the vehicle, (ii) for what reason was the vehicle hired, (iii) for how many days, (iv) what (aa) make and (bb) model of vehicle was hired and (v) what total distance was travelled?

(1) (a) (i) Minister
17 occasions
(ii) Deputy Minister Ebrahim
19 occasions
(iii) Deputy Minister Fransman
9 occasions
(2) (b) Cost of hiring
(i) (a) Minister: R59 794.67
(b) Deputy Minister Ebrahim: R101 946.36
(c) Deputy Minister Fransman: R54 187.50
(ii) For what reason was the vehicle hired

Cape Town: The Minister does not have an official vehicle in Cape Town. The Minister visited Cape Town on 12 occasions to attend Cabinet Meetings; Parliament; SA/Sweden Bi-National Commission; Briefing to Portfolio Committee on International Relations and Cooperation on consideration of the DIRCO Strategic Plan 2010-2013; Study Group meeting to brief the Portfolio Committee in respect of the DIRCO budget vote; DIRCO Budget vote; Briefed the President on the 2010 FIFA World Cup; 2010 FIFA World Cup debrief Ministerial meeting; formed part of President Zuma’s meeting with Prime Minister Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe; Inter-Ministerial Meeting on Climate Change; Meeting with President Zuma where Minister of Environmental Affairs, Ms Molewa briefed the President on Climate Change issues; Opening of Parliament; Banquet hosted by Minister for diplomatic corps and other international role players; Meeting with visiting Zambian delegation; Meeting with visiting Ivorian delegation, DIRCO’s budget vote; UNFCCC Meeting.

Kwa-Zulu Natal: The Minister visited KZN on 3 occasions to attend the ACCORD 2010 Africa Peace Award, Durban; formed part of President Zuma’s delegation during the visit of President Museveni from Uganda whilst visiting “The battle of Isandlwana” in Newcastle; Ministerial Meeting on Climate change.

Free State: The Minister visited Bloemfontein on 1 occasion to deliver a lecture at the University of the Free State and participate in a live interview with “Morning Live” from SABC.

Eastern Cape: The Minister visited Port Elizabeth on 1 occasion as she was requested by President Zuma to join him for a meeting.
(b)Deputy Minister Ebrahim

The official vehicle was involved in an accident and a vehicle was hired for the Deputy Minister. The Deputy Minister also had to attend to Parliament in Cape Town, Gala Dinner hosted by Progressive Business Forum and NGC, Opening address at the 10th International Gopia Convention, attend the New Age Friendship Celebration & Cricket- Moses Mabida Stadium and attending funeral of Ms Fatima Meer in Durban, attending the solidarity Group for Peace and Justice in Sri Lanka.
(c) Deputy Minister Fransman

The Deputy Minister was recently appointed and he did not have official vehicle to use in Cape Town to attend Cabinet and Parliament sessions. The Deputy Minister attended official meeting in Johannesburg since he did not have an official car in Gauteng. The official car has since been delivered for use by the Deputy Minister.
(iii) For how many days
– 48 days on different dates
(b)Deputy Minister Ebrahim
91 days on different dates.
(c)Deputy Minister Fransman
43 days on different dates
(iv) what (aa) make and (bb) model of vehicle was hired and

Mercedes Benz E-class; Range Rover for visit to Newcastle due to rugged terrain
(b)Deputy Minister Ebrahim

Mercedes Benz C200
(c)Deputy Minister Fransman

Mercedes Benz C200
(v) what total distance was travelled?
3820 extra kilometres. Kilometres indicated exclude free kilometres given by the car hire company.
(b)Deputy Minister Ebrahim
5173 extra kilometres. Kilometres indicated exclude free kilometres given by the car hire company.
(c)Deputy Minister Fransman
5 900 extra kilometres. Kilometres indicated exclude free kilometres given by
the car hire company.