Parliamentary Question: DCS: Call centre



Mr J Selfe (DA) to ask the Minister of Correctional Services:
(a) How many call centres does her department have, (b) what is total number of staff employed at each of these call centres, (c) how many calls were received (i) in the (aa) 2008/ 09 and (bb) 2009/ 10 financial years and (ii) during the period 01 April 2010 up to the latest specified date for which information is available and (d) what is the total annual running cost of each of these call centres;

Whether the (a) operations and (b) construction of the call centres is managed by an entity other than her department; if so(i) what is the name of each entity and what (ii) what is the total (aa) annual amount paid to each entity in respect of each specified category and (bb) value of the contract in each case;

Whether these contracts followed a tender process; if not, why not; if so, what are relevant details of each tender?

(a) Only one call centre
(b) There are three (3) agents and one (1) Contact Centre Supervisor
(c) (i) (aa) 2008/ 09 = 769 calls
(bb) 2009/ 10 = 2030 calls
(ii) For the period 01 April 2010 to 25 October 2010 = 499
(d) R989 752-24
(a) The call centre is operated by the Department of Correctional Services with
contracted terms with SITA to provide only appropriate resources, hosting and IT
(b) The construction of the call centre is managed by the Department of Correctional

Services and SITA; not any other entity.

The call centre was designed, developed and implemented via existing tenders of SITA.