Parliamentary Question: DAAF: Poachers


Question 771 for written reply: National Assembly Dr P J Rabie (DA) to ask the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries:
(1) How many abalone poachers have been (a) apprehended and (b) convicted in the Overberg area since 1 April 2011;
(2) What steps has the Government taken to reduce abalone poaching in this area?

(1) In the Overberg area there were a total of 189 persons arrested, of which 43 were convicted, 31 cases were withdrawn and 115 are still pending.
(2) The steps taken to reduce poaching in the Overberg area include the following:

I. Regular sea and land based patrols.

II. Regular inspections of Fish Processing Establishments, fishing vessels and recreational Fishers.

III. Deployment of military veterans to improve compliance enforcement capacity.

IV. Various targeted joint operations with other law enforcement agencies.

V. Increased and on-going monitoring and surveillance of illegal activities in the Overberg area.

VI. Testing of surveillance equipment to be deployed in the area to improve efficiency.